Cosmetic Breast Surgery and Non-Surgical Facial Treatments

Marina Clinic offers a range of Non Surgical and Surgical Cosmetic Treatments. Our aim is to restore, improve and maintain your natural beauty.

Cosmetic Breast

Cosmetic Procedures

At Marina Clinic, we promise our patients the highest levels of cosmetic breast surgery excellence - from your initial consultation with our specialist surgeon to your post-operative aftercare programme.

Our breast surgeon will help you define your breast shape and size so you can create the figure you've always dreamed of. Breast surgery options at Marina Clinic include:

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Non-Surgical facial cosmetic procedures are the ideal alternative to plastic surgery if you simply want to make a few enhancements to your appearance. At Marina Clinic, we offer a range of non-surgical cosmetic procedures:

All procedures offered are performed by a qualified medical doctor with over 15 years of experience.